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We are transforming professional development from the early stages

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About Us

Future Chats™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to make the world better and catalyze positive impact through professional life and work. We aim to transform career navigation and professional development from the early stages and increase commitment to positive impact.

We are home to the rapidly growing STEMxx Chats initiative (, changing professional development in STEM and catalyzing impact -- with members already in 17 US States and 5 countries, chapters at 3 partner institutions, and public events reaching 1000s across 5 continents. 

We're working to solve big problems & helping others to do so. We bring together professionals from different backgrounds. We are especially passionate about propelling young women.

We promote dialogue, thought, collaboration, research, activities, and projects that envision and build a future society with high ideals, a positive changemaker approach, and a better life for all.

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